The founder of our nonprofit, Carla Forrest is the president and treasurer of our board of directors. Along with two other board members who drive funding and volunteering, she works hard to find foster homes and individuals to adopt our precious orphans. Ms. Forrest is passionate about providing exceptional care to cats and kittens in need, and thrives in this urgent need environment as she adjusts the rescue to meet the demands of kitten season at local shelters. Ms. Forrest has been finding homes for kittens and cats for over 30 years, having volunteered for many animal welfare groups.

Ms. Forrest is an experienced entrepreneur who owned and successfully operated a very profitable small business and worked for a corporate bank for over 20 years as a technical program manager. She uses this expertise as well as with her skills in accounting and finance to manage our funds appropriately. If you want to learn more about Carla Forrest, read her story of how she quit corporate life to start this rescue and save animals. Her true purpose.

My Story

During the 2018 kitten season, I fostered kittens for Animal Control and Protectives Services (ACPS), the Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) and kittens coming to me by friends. I nursed over 80 kittens back to life. Some came to me so sick and weak. I spent nights keeping them warm and alive. In that year I had one litter that was fading from life. I tried to get them help and I took two very sick kittens to an emergency veterinary clinic to get fluids and medicine to stop her diarrhea and the clinic said I was involved in a hopeless journey and kittens so young without mother die 50% of the time. They gave up on them, I didn’t. I saved all, but one tiny life. It became my mission to save as many as I could while working as a senior vice president of a worldwide bank. This litter changed my life, it reminded me of my truth I had forgotten in corporate life. I love, love, love animals and believed that my purpose was to care for tiny lives that mattered to me. I placed 68 kittens in permanent homes that year using Rehome, an online service offered by Adopt-a-Pet .com and The Petco Foundation.

I am now highly experienced in providing clinical care for neonate nursing kittens and litters under eight weeks at my home nursery which includes syringe feeding, bottle feeding; administration of topical, oral and ophthalmic medications; nebulization and subcutaneous fluids. AND I LOVE IT. My dream is to be able to open a cat café one day so I can do more.  I believe in animal welfare, I love animals, I have a passion for helping the weak and I have a true entrepreneur spirit.  I believe these qualities can come together and I will open the Frisky Cat Café as soon as I find a building manage willing to lease to a cat café.